Thursday, September 1, 2016

Holiday Catalog Goes Live TODAY!!!!

Whoohoo!!!  Today's the day!!!  This catalog is amazing!  Seriously settle in, call in sick to work, get comfy.  You're just going to want to let this catalog sink in! You can see it here, if you're in the USA and want a catalog and DON'T already have a demonstrator you're working with let me know.  I'd love to get you one.  If you have a demonstrator check with them, I'm sure they'd love to get you one too.  Before you dive into the catalog and all productivity stops I promised 3 cards today, and 3 cards you shall get!  
All of these cards feature the Jolly Friends stamp set and coordinating hat punch, yes, it's an adorable Santa hat punch, soooo cute!!!  The cards are all very similar but use different colors.  I used the Labeler Alphabet from our annual catalog to custom make all the greetings.  They're all stinkin' cute!  First, this adorable Santa!!  I went traditional with him with a red had.  Though, I think he'd look pretty cool in a blue one too!  I love the sunglasses!  
'Have a cool yule' is that not the cutest.  That was inspired directly from the Holiday Catalog, page 29 if you have your catalog open.  There's tons of samples in all of our publications.  They're there to inspire you. Feel free to copy them!  
Moving onto our 'Christmoose', he's adorable!  Now I'm under the impression if a stamp set gives you glasses in the set you put them on everything in that set! This moose seriously just wouldn't look as cute without the glasses.  
I did have to modify the glasses a little to fit the moose, his eyes were a little to close together.  But it's not a problem, I just inked up one side of the glasses stamped and inked up the other side and stamped.  Easy peasy!  On all three cards all the characters are stamped on shimmer white cardstock (it's my favorite!) and watercolored.  The scarfs are fussy cut and the hats are all punched using the punch of course!  
This fox is my favorite.  I just love him!!!!!!  I made him a birthday card instead of a Christmas card because I wanted to show that you can use your Christmas sets for other occasions too!  This is an adorable birthday card and no one will ever know it came from a Christmas set!  
I'm in love with everything about this card, but especially his little glasses!  EEEEEEKKK!!!!  So cute!!!!  For all the characters I covered their glasses with the Fine Tip Glue.  I love this glue (I started out not liking it, boy have I had a change of heart!)! The glue dries clear and not sticky so you can use it for adding details like the glass on the glasses.  So cute!!!!  It makes them smooth and shinny and just even more adorable!  I just can't get over the cuteness of these three guys!  Ok I won't keep you any longer I know you're anxious to see that catalog!  Happy Holiday Catalog Day to you!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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