Friday, September 16, 2016

Birthday Pineapple

Sometimes a card comes out really cute, but halfway through you're like 'What was I thinking! Am I crazy!?!'  Yes, yes I am crazy and I'll tell you why in just a minute.  This card was inspired by this card that I saw on Pintrest. Ah Pintrest.....the ultimate time sucker!  I loved that in the card that inspired me there were parts of the pineapple popped up and cut out.  So pretty! 
So because I'm me, I had to make it 400 times more complicated.  I stamped it in 3 colors (Rose Red, Melon Mambo, Blushing Bride) then cut out nearly every little pineapple triangle-ly?, segment?, outside?, pokey thing a ma bob.  You know what I mean right??? Now when you get a little crazy like me, it will happen if you're lucky, there's one simple tool to keep on hand that will make your life sooooo much easier........Press and Seal Wrap.....Yep the stuff in your kitchen bring it to your craft room! 

So I took a piece of press and seal, sticky side up and laid it over a stamped image of the pineapple I was piecing together with the outside, pokey bits of pineapples (ps I don't even like pineapple, though I will drink pineapple juice in the peach sangria from Outback, but there's enough other liquor in there you can't even tell there's pineapple juice.....but I'm getting off topic).  I started with my darkest color, Rose Red in this case, as I cut them out I placed them on the press and seal. I could have just placed them over the image on the stamp case or the stamp block but just image the heartbreak if you have it all cut out and something blows, pushes, knocks over all those little pineapple pieces.  Those are real tears you'll cry, trust me the press and seal will work wonders in your life and when you're making this crazy card you'll pat yourself on the back for a least having one moment of genius.
Now once you get all your pieces cut out, if you're like me you'll probably need to feed the small children that hang around your house.  If they're not feed regularly they really complain.  Not to worry!  If you have to step away before or during the gluing process simple place another piece (or fold over if your first piece is big enough) and your pineapple pokey bits will stay nice and safe and in order.  When you're ready to glue carefully peel back that first layer, have a pair of tweezers on hand to grab any pieces that want to stick with the top layer instead of the bottom layer.  To glue them on I used Tombow and some tweezers and did each piece one by one, I popped some up on dimensionals.  This card was a labor of love for about 2 days working here and there, you know between feeding the kids.  I love the final result.  

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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