Thursday, September 8, 2016

Birthday Cards

Monday was my birthday and I wanted to share some of the wonderful cards that were given to me to celebrate.  These three are from my mom and my two kids.  Megan will always reach for an animal set, Logan apparently found the Number of Years set and took the opportunity to remind me of my new age, which of course Megan did too.   
These two cards were sent to me and arrived last week before my birthday.  The one on the left is from Shannon West from Stampin' Up!'s home office.  She is the one behind the '#imbringingbirthdaysback' movement.  It's pretty cool to get a card from her.  The other is from my friend Betty, she's the mom of my friend Nikki, and she's just the sweetest person you'll ever meet!  
Finally these amazing cards are from my amazing friends Nikki, Kim and Anne! Nikki made the coach using the Thoughtful Branches Thinlits, so cute!!!!  Kim sent me the card from the Oh Happy Day kit and by the way-it's an amazing kit!  The cards are all pretty amazing!  The Mickey card is from my friend Anne, she's my Disney soul mate and the only one who truly gets my Disney obsession, probably because she has the same obsession :)  While Dan and I share a different kind of Disney obsession he has yet to get excited about things like Disney purses, Anne however gets me :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!! 

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