Monday, August 22, 2016

More On the Jar Of Eyeballs

Hi there! Remember this post from about 10 days ago?  Well I have gotten lots and lots of comments and questions about it.  Rather than emailing everyone back I thought this would be easier.  So I'm going into a little bit more detail on how I made the sloshing eyeball card.  It's not hard, and it's for sure one of the coolest cards I've ever made.  
To make the eyeballs slosh you need a simple sliding mechanism.  Normally sliding windows are bigger and you would use a roundish dimensional to make the image slide and spin.  Since I didn't want my eyeballs to spin, just slosh I used a rectangle piece of a dimensional (you can cut the edges to get this).  You can see that it's almost as big as the sliding window.  The dimensional is attached to a penny (you could also use a small washer).  The jar is popped on on dimensionals on the card leaving space for that penny to move around a little.    
I just used an Xacto knife to cut my window.  You can see from the ruler, it's not even an inch long and probably barely a quarter of an inch tall.  So it's very small window.  Again that dimensional takes up most of the room.  So the eyeballs will slide back and forth slightly and up and down slightly.  
Once your window is all set up attach your image on top.  The eyeballs really aren't that big, which is another reason my window is so small, I wanted to keep the window hidden.  
This is as far as the eyeballs will slosh to the left......
....and to the right.  Had I used a smaller dimensional it would go much further.  But again, that wasn't the look I wanted, I just wanted some slight sloshing.  I hope that these photos help explain it a little more, I hope you go make your own.  Thanks so much to all who've commented on this card either on my post or via email.  I love reading comments and you guys always make my day when you love my stuff!  Not everything I make is my original idea, but sometimes lighting does strike and I get a fun idea like this.  I'm glad you guys have loved it too!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!   

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Barbara Cost said...

I was wondering how you did it but hadn't tried yet, so I am so glad you have gone into more detail. Thank you so much. Anxious to try it.