Friday, August 5, 2016

Light Up Firefly

Have you heard of Chibitronics?  My good friend Nikki asked me about them, sent me some videos and boom I was hooked.  I had supplies ordered on Amazon and got them a couple days later!  Basically it's a circuit.  There's copper tape, a battery, a sticker that's a light, and together they make a card that lights up!  It's amazing! My card is super simple, but still cute!  Then you press the lid of the jar.....
......Shut the front door!!!!!!  The fireflies butt lights up!!!  It's so cool!!!!  I had a little trouble making mine, I forgot the step where you use a glue dot to hold the battery down so mine was a little tempermental and at the weekend I wasn't sure I loved it.  It did take a lot of time for the first one.  Science was not my best subject in school so I was a little worried about these cards going into the weekend, but once you get one under your belt, you're good to go I think.  I've made another circuit since I've been home and it worked too, and didn't take as long!  I'm really, really excited about these cards.  I think Logan would love to make these cards!  They're so cool!  If you want to learn more about them search 'Chibitronic Cards' on pintrest.  There's a million ideas out there.  I can't wait to use these more! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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Bobbi Miller said...

Shut the front door is right! Shut the back door too! OUTSTANDING! I am always so in awe of you and your team. You gals come up with the coolest stuff. I adore this and need to now get those little lights. I see lightening bugs in that jar...oh wait. I have to get that set first, right? LOL Thanks for sharing this adorable card! Love it.