Monday, August 1, 2016

Sorority Craft Weekend!!!

Time for the full wrap up of Sorority Craft Weekend, and I did actually take more pictures then just of my table this time!  Some I had to pull from Facebook or my phone so the quality isn't great but you get the idea :)  I've been so fortunate to be able to help Michelle plan and set up these weekends. She really does all the planning and I help with projects or anything else she needs.  Michelle is an amazing planner and doesn't miss any details!  

Because the theme was a sorority weekend, we planned the decor and everything to go along with that.  At everyone's spot there was a little 5x7 3 ring binder that had the schedule for the weekend and other fun pages that they could do whatever they wanted in.  We gave them a 'school' pennant and pen, a frame that could be used as a dry erase board and a marker of course!  This is the room nice and clean before people arrive......
....This is the room Saturday morning.  So many different projects going on so much crafting.  Our room holds 28 tables.  So there were at least 28 busy crafter's all weekend.  At times there were more, friends come visit, kids come visit. It's busy room and there's always stuff to do!

This is my spot, Saturday morning, looking out onto my group.  It sure looks like I could be very productive, but the truth is, I only got a small handful of cards done.  I was pretty busy helping out wherever and whenever I was needed.  The cards I did do, I love and I'll share those starting tomorrow.  While I wasn't very productive I had the most fun ever.  I'm pretty positive I laughed more at this weekend then I have at any other weekend.  I was surrounded by great friends and we just enjoyed chatting and laughing the whole weekend!  
Our weekend kicked off with a 'Pool Party Mixer' on Thursday night.  Nikki, myself and Michelle kicked it off! We had a great time hanging out in pool, the hot tub and just chatting away.  
This was my group of 7 wonderful ladies that I shared the weekend with.  From left to right is Carol E, Nikki, Carol V, Debbie, Anne, myself and Miriam.  
We try to plan outreach events for every weekend.  This time we asked the Barrett House in Albuquerque to come talk to us.  The Barrett House helps homeless women and children get on their feet by helping them get housing, etc.  We were so happy to partner with them this time and we were so happy to send the Barrett House home with about 35 care packages that they can hand out to women and children who arrive at their door for help!
Of course there's always fun to be had in between crafting.  My friend Kim and I headed to the Applebee's next door to the hotel not once, but twice for some drinks :)  I had so much fun with Kim and we decided it would be a tradition now!  
We also had 'Craft Pong' which was so much fun!  If you got the ball in one of the cups you got to pick a prize from our bucket!  There's was great things in there too!!! Lots of people won!  I think they've been practicing at home!  All in all it was an amazing weekend as always!!!  Our next weekend is Grease (the movie) themed in November.  I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!! 

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