Tuesday, August 23, 2016

R2 D2 Birthday

Any Star Wars fans out there???  Show of hands who loves these silly droids?  Yes they're called droids, I've called them robots far too many times and have gotten corrected by my son.  He just turned 10 on Sunday.  He's recently (in the last few months I guess) become quite obsessed with Star Wars and everything Star Wars related.  So for his birthday on Sunday I made him this card.  I did not come up with this, unlike my son, I do not know enough about Star Wars to create him solo.  So I found this tutorial on Pintrest you can check it out if you too have a droid fan in your life.  And if you do, you probably also know not to call them robots.  But really isn't droid just a fancy term for a robot???  
The link above lists the punches used, I changed up some of the punches I used for him.  I wanted him slightly bigger.  I use a 2" circle punch for the head, is it a head on a droid??  I used a retired oval punch for the shoulders, do droids have shoulders???  I used a star punch for the feet, again are they feet?????  These are the important questions of life people!  Whatever they're called you get the idea.  For the body and arms(??) I just cut them with my paper cutter.  The same for the blue stripey things......I'm sure there's a mega Star Wars fan reading this shaking their head in disappointment, and if you're out there please don't take the time to correct me, I have a 10 year old for that :)  Either way it's a cute card with a cute R2 D2.

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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