Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Punchy

First off, sorry for the wonky looking colors on my photos.  I've turned into quite the procrastinator and I don't like it!!!  I used to be such a planner!!!  Anyway, the cards are cute and I hope you still get that from the photos.  These are 2 cards that my guests got to make at my punch class over the weekend.  We made 3 Christmas cards and 1 Birthday card.  You'll see the other 2 soon :)  I loved all the cards.  I think this was my favorite punch class that I've ever done.  I'm pretty sure that most of the ideas came from Pintrest, either directly copied or just inspired from.  Though I can't be positive on that, I've been researching 'punched creations' for a few weeks now all over! The first card is a fun festive pine cone.  We used the bird and branch punch and the pine cone is made up of 15 of the birds wings.  That's it seriously!  Amazing huh?!!! 
The next one is a fun string of lights, made from the OWL PUNCH!!!  No joke!  How stinkin' adorable right!  Just trim off his feet and ears, punch a 'vest' and you have the two pieces you need for your owl punch.  So stinkin' cute!!!  I just love it.  I might add some Crystal Effects or glitter to the bulbs you know to make it sparkle a little more :)  That's all from me, I put 2 kids to bed last night with runny noses and coughs let's hope they're feeling better today! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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