Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Hop!! Santa-tizers!!

It's time for our wonderful blog hop!!!  This month is going to be really fun we're doing either Thanksgiving or Christmas projects.  You'll have to hop through to see what everyone did!  I know I can't wait to get hoppin'!  If you've already started welcome and you've just left Cassie's blog to see mine.  Isn't Cassie great!?  I know I'm always inspired by her!  My project today is an MDS hybrid project inspired by Martha Inchley.  She and Heather Summers are doing another AMAZING MDS class, this was one of the projects that I just loved!!!! To start you'll need to create lots of fun little belly bands, I have a Santa, gingerbread man, elf, and snowman.  This is just an 8.5 x 11 sheet I printed it at home (I was in a rush to get it done :), but you could also have it professionally printed.  If I make more of these I will have them printed professionally.  I'm ok with a few being done at home, but it's not the best print quality and it uses so much ink!  Before you go further into the post please note that I glued the snowmans label on upside down!!!! AHHHHH!!!!  I'm such a goof!!!!  I will fix that before giving it away.  I wish I could blame someone else for that silly mistake but sadly I only have myself and my lack of common sense to blame for that, so when looking at the snowman just imagine it's right side up :)  THANKS!
I found these little pocket hand sanitizers at Target, but as you probably know you can get them anywhere.  I bought them specifically with their lid colors in mind, so that each one would coordinate with the label.  Dan was with me when I bought them and he asked me what flavors I got, well naturally I replied "I don't know I didn't buy them for the flavors I needed specific lid colors."  He naturally rolled his eyes and kept walking :)  But look how great great all the lids coordinate!  Mission accomplished! 
Before creating your label make sure you measure how tall you need your label to be.  I think for these I made them 2.5 inches tall.  But make sure you measure.  Then once they're printed I used sticky strip on the ends and glued them to the bottles.  So super easy and you could create a ton of them in no time.  Yep there's my upside down snowman----MUST FIX IT!!!
Now that we know how to make them, let's create a list of who to give them to.  They would make great gifts for co-workers, teachers, friends, family, customers, downline, upline, your friendly UPS man, your mailman, stocking stuffers, bank tellers, grocery store clerks, anyone with hands!!!!  I think of all of them the elf is my favorite.  You could also bundle them up and give them as a whole gift set!  CUTE!!!! 
Now it's time to move on in the blog hop.  Next up is Kim!  She's fun, talented and you'll love her project!!!! 

Here's a lineup of the blog hop in case you've gotten lost along the way. 
Ruth Norton-YOU ARE HERE!!!!

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