Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alligator In The Water

Nearly 3 years ago I created this amazing giraffe card.   In all the many years that I've had my blog that giraffe card has been by far the one I get the most questions and comments on.  I love that giraffe card and I've seen so many variation on it.  Including my own, I made this wiener dog one after the giraffe.  Looking back on that card, I thought what else can I do in punch art with the same layout.  And so the alligator was born....or crocodile.  Depending on where you live I guess he could be a gator or croc.     

Like the others when you open the card you see him in his....her?...entirety.  I just love it, I love these interactive ones.   They're so much fun!  This card did not make it to my class, really only because I felt that this card needed to be taught in a more intimate setting where I could offer the one on one help that I would need to.  My larger class this weekend just isn't the right venue for it.    
So, how is it made.  I started with a standard card base that was 4 1/4"x 11, score on the 11" side at 2 3/4" and 5 1/2".  That will make your zig zag fold.  For the water I had a a piece of cardstock that was about 2x11 score the same way and tear it in half for a couple layers of water.  The alligator is a piece of cardstock that is 8 1/2" x 1 1/2" I rounded the top corners with a corner rounder.  I didn't score him.  It really works better if you just fold it and you glue it down and assemble the card. 
As for punches, I didn't use many at all 2" tail, 1 3/4" (head), 3/4" (eyes, bumpy back, 1/2" (eyes), Fox Builder (I used the tiny piece that would normally be the tip of the foxes tail, this is the alligators teeth).  Such a fun and cute card!  I love it!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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