Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Masking A Cupcake

Masking is an interesting technique.  It really makes your brain work differently than you think it should.  At least it does that with my brain.  I saw this card on Pintrest and I wanted to make it using stuff I had in my craft room.  These little animals from the Made With Love set get me every flippin' time! They're so cute!!!!  Don't look past this set because it's featured as a baby set.  I've done so much with this set, not a single baby card among them!  There's this one, and this one, this sweet Christmas one, don't forget this Easter one, and my favorite the three kitties and now today's card which might be my new favorite but boy that kitten trio is hard to top :)  Anyway back to masking and how it hurts your brain.....when you're masking stamped images you have to stamp the items you want in the front first, which is backwards from how you would think.  In my brain I think 'Oh I want the cupcake in the back I'll stamp it first.' But really you want to stamp the bunny and kitten first.  See makes your brain hurt!  Once you get past all that craziness masking can be figured out pretty easily.  I stamped everything, even the cupcake (which by the way is from the Sprinkles Of Life set) on post it notes.  I used the post it notes as place makers for the card.  I laid my cupcake down first, then placed where I wanted my kitten and bunny.  Then I carefully traced around the left side of the kitten and the right side of the bunny lightly with pencil.  Then took off all the post it note place holders.  From there I used the outlines that I traced to stamp my kitten and bunny so they were in the correct spot.  Make sure you ink is completely dry before erasing your pencil lines.  You don't want to smudge your ink.  After my critters were stamped.  I used my post it note and placed them over the stamped images, then stamped my cupcake.  Remove the post it notes, and by magic the cupcake is now behind the critters.  Mind. Blown.  
To color in the images I used markers and a Blender Pen.  The candle was an after thought, so if you look closely you'll see the top of the cupcake line goes through the candle.  It's not super noticeable but if I were to do the card again, I'd probably mask the candle as well to get a clean look.  I added a greeting from the Sprinkles Of Life set and some sequins to the card to finish it.   Such a cute card and defiantly worth it in the end.   

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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