Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Girls On Swings

Sometimes you have an idea in your head that you want to put on a card but never get the chance.  Then a friend will text you and ask you to make that very card.  This happened on Friday night...well sort of.  Michelle, (you know Michelle she's famous for her fantastic scrapbook weekends!) texted and asked if I had any ideas of making a swing set card.  Her granddaughter was getting one for her birthday.  When I said 'YES I have a great idea for one' she asked if I would make it for her.....oh and it needed to be big......this card is 11x11 :)  So this is similar to my idea but on a MUCH larger scale!
This is pretty much what I had in mind but I was having lots of trouble with the legs.  I couldn't get them to look, normal.....I did a quick search on Pintrest hoping someone else had done a card similar to this and could help me out :)  Jackie Topa made this card.  It's exactly what I needed for the legs.  Her head is the 2.5 inch circle punch and everything else is hand cut.  The swings are the only thing that I used some retired products for, the ropes are Baked Brown Sugar twine, braided to make it thicker.
Both girls have Candy Dot eyes and noses.  Their dresses are from the new DSP stack Pretty Petals.  There's so many fun patterns in there!  I do love this card.  For sure it's the biggest card I've ever made!  I don't keep a lot of 12x12 cardstock on hand so I used some of the white cardboard pieces that come in the DSP (Michelle's awesome idea!).  But I loved it because it made the card so sturdy, this card has alot going on and is pretty front heavy so the heavy cardboard helped evenly distribute the weight.  To make a card out of 2 of them I cut one down to 11x11 and the other one 12x11.  I scored at 1 inch on the 12 inch side then folded that over and stuck the 11x11 piece on that.  It still opens like a regular card, just needed some card surgery :)  I hope you like it.  If you've made any giant cards I'd love to see them!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Angela said...

Super cute!

Bobbi Miller said...

What?!?!?! This is DARLING! You sure put a lot of work and love into this beautiful card! Like I said before, you are the QUEEN of punch art. This is fantastic! :-)