Monday, July 27, 2015

Super Hero Fry Boxes

Over the weekend I attended Superhero Training Academy Craft Weekend.  Michelle asked if I'd be willing to help out...of course!  First on my 'to-do' list was these adorable fry boxes.  I believe the plan was to have these at our stations when we arrived (I'm writing this prior to the weekend).  She was going to put a different treat in each box.  How adorable!!! 
One one of the boxes everyone had their own initials.  Then we did a small banner on the middle box.  The last box has a Batman owl on it.  Which seriouly everyone needs!  The idea for the fry boxes came from here.
Since the theme of the weekend was Super heros I did lots of research on them.  Neither of my kids are all that into super heros...with the exception of Batman, but it has to be the 1960's batman with Adam West.  They love the old Batman TV shows, especially Megan.  They loved these little owls.  I'm not the first to do superhero owls.  If you search Pintrest for them you'll find a ton!  I have more superhero projects to share all week plus a wrap up of the weekend!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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