Thursday, July 30, 2015

Superhero Survival Kit

While attending scrapbook weekend I always like to give special little gifts to my friends and my downline there.  Since the theme was Superhero Academy I decided to make a small super hero survival kit.  It's super cute!!!!  I used the small woodmount cases (did you know you can buy empty wood and clear mount cases!) and I filled them with just a few essentials to get you through Superhere Academy.  The boxes were really easy to make, I printed and punched out the greeting and punched out the star sheild.  I stuck some cardstock in the case and that was it!  Easy and really cute!!!!
So what exactly is in a superhero survival kit???  Here you go see for yourself.  Hero Vitamins (M&M's), Secret Identity Bar (Hershey Bar) and finally Hero Juice (Raspberry Vodka).  I posted the vodka on my facebook page a couple weeks ago when I bought it.  I bought 8 bottles at once.  The clerk looked at me and asked what they were for.  I said they were for a craft project.  I'm sure you can image the strange look I got from the 50 something year old man :)  I love these little bottles, I'm not sure why I went with the raspberry flavor other than I wanted to try it.  The survival kits were very cute and a big hit!  You could easily customize this for any occasion.  I'll have a full wrap up of scrapbook weekend on my blog tomorrow. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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