Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sliding Ice Cream

I woke up on Sunday with this idea for a card in my head.  After a couple failed attempts I finally got it right!  The card by itself is a lovely card, the Dots for Days background stamp (I told you you'd see it a lot this week) is embossed with Iridecent Ice Embossing Powder so it's shiny and sparkly!  I love the scattered sequins on the card, but the truly adorable thing about this card is when you pull the little tab at the top.....

.....the ice cream starts to grow more and more scoops!!!!  Who doesn't want and endless ice cream cone!!!?!?! 
I ended up only putting on two extra scoops but you can add more!  My original idea was to have them all stacked behind the pink scoop and then they emerged from there.  When that didn't work out.  I realized it will be easier and just as cute to have them all pre-stacked and come up from behind the first layer of the card.  So I stuck down 3 scoops of ice cream and cut a slit in my card front.  There's another smaller slit behind the pink ice cream cone for the pull tab.
Starting from the bottom of the card base you slide you scoops in, pull tab first, so the scoops are behind the bottom of the card base but come up the slit to the top of the card base.  Remember that pull tab and that extra slit you cut? This is where you slide just the pull tab back under the card base through that slit.  The pull tab is only adhered to the chocolate scoop not the other two.  Attach a small horizontal piece of cardstock slightly larger then your first slit to the the bottom of your pull tab (under where it's adhered to the bottom scoop). This prevents your scoops from slidding out completely.  I did have to punch another pink scoop and attach it with Dimensionals over the first pink scoop so that before it's pulled out the scoop is over the top of the cone not behind it.  Stick your card front to your card base with Dimensionals, making sure none of the Dimensionals interfere with the sliding.  Then your ice cream should move up and down!  I hope all that makes sense :)  If not please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Kim said...

Can you bring this card to SBW? I want to study it close up. It's so stinkin' adorable! ~ Your Stalker