Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Possibly My Favorite Box

I know that I claim that to be true on every box that I make, especially when I CASE an amazing box from the uber talented Sam from Pootles.  This one though I think is amazing!  It's a huge box.  You could fit big things in there, so much more than just candy-which is what is in most of my boxes :)  This box looks pretty complicated but is so easy!  Sam makes it easy and has, I think,  redefined box making!  If you haven't yet checked her out please do.  You won't be disappointed!!! 
This box is held closed with a belly band made from the Watercolor Wonder DSP.  I'm loving this sketchy patterns!!  The belly band slides off and you can open the box.
The box has 2 flaps, one folds over and closes on the inside, which essentially holds the box closed.  The second flap goes over the top.  I love how the box closes on the side.  If you'd like to make your own box check out Sam's blog.  Her videos are great and detailed, and show you step by step what you need to do. 
The flowers on the box, I have to admit I LOVE!!  They're super simple, it's just 3 flowers, all punched in different colors layered on top of each other.  So simple!!  Ruffle up the edges a bit so that you get the full effect a full bloom!  Add a pearl or rhinestone and you're done!!!  Now I just need to find a gift to put in this and friend to give it to! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!  


Sam Donald said...

This is beautiful Ruth!

You are so sweet and complimentary, but I just develop the build of a box, you have decorated this so beautifully that it's got 'Ruth' all over it.

Sam x

Mary said...

Hi Ruth, I love the way you decoated the box. What colors are those?