Friday, March 28, 2014

A Few Pages

First of all, thank you all soooooo much the response to my giraffe punch art card was amazing.  You guys are all too nice!!  I had so much fun with it (as I do all my cards).  I still have so many more punch art cards to share so I'll try to list punches and better instructions on them.  But while away at my scrapbooking weekend I did get SOME pages done (5 to be exact).  It's not a huge accomplishment but I did so many other things I'm not worried about it......much....
The pages are pretty simple.  I didn't go too crazy overboard with them.  Our 2013 album is really about simplicity.  I really just want the pictures to shine and tell the story.  I love love love, my "love page" I love that it's in black and white.  The "aquarium page" is super simple but took a while with all the photo boxes.  Once you have them all where you want them.  Group the boxes together and you can add one photo to all the boxes.  Plus I love this picture.  The sun shining in through the water, it was just the 3 of us there that day.
The last page, for today, is Logan's Lego Club.  This was last year in January, so it's been over a year (geezz!) He's grown so much since then.  I love my little stack of Legos in the corner.  That's pretty much what it looks like when I build with Lego's, I have no creativity in building.  Logan's great at it, me I just make towers :)  More punch art and MDS coming next week! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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