Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Disney Pages

Make no mistake, though it seems like I'm making progress on my Disney album I'm not.  Every time I get one page done I think of about 12 others that I want to do.  I'm hoping that I can finish it by the end of the year (perhaps in time for Christmas?????)  Plus I'm trying to work on our everyday album.  So many pages....so little time :)  But anyway, I did get a couple pages done after a slight MDS crisis last week.  I thought I had lost my entire album but after a call to SU it was restored!  Whew!!!!!  This was the page I was working on when my crisis happened.  Once it was fixed I changed the entire look of my page :)  Isn't that always how it goes!  I love the final look of this page.  I decided to go black and white for the picture that Megan is in.  It's a little blurry and didn't look great in color but in black and white it's not as easy to tell that it's not entirely in focus.  I really wanted to use that picture, she's so cute clapping along to the show, so I just tied in the grays to the rest of the page. 
The next page I was planning while we were on our trip.  Thanks to a tropical storm passing over Florida while we were there we had more rain than we expected.  So we bought ponchos and made the best of it.  Since we're from New Mexico we don't see that kind of rain I knew the pictures would be perfect in our album.  We might not remember every detail from the trip, but we'll remember the rain :)  I love this final page.  It's bright and fun, and the pictures are pretty cute ;)  Today is the first day of school for both Logan and Megan, we're all a little excited here!
Thanks for looking see you soon!!!!

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Kay Jantz said...

Ahh, so you got the enjoyment of Florida's rain. We did too when we there, I thought it was so refreshing! These are truly great pages. I would have never thought to go black and white in order to reduce the blurring in a picture. I must remember that little trick!