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Friday, August 16, 2013

My First Crack At Undefined

I am by no means an artist, don't claim to be one.  I'm a pretty good paper crafter and stamper with other people's art, but I'm not the artist.  So when Stampin' Up! introduced this new line of stamps that you can carve yourself, I was, well not entirely excited.  I was curious, enough to buy it anyway.  I've seem amazing things done with it.  I knew mine wouldn't be so grand.  But I did want to give it a go.  I drew up this little penguin, more on him in a minute. I carved him.  I took about 20 minutes.  Overall I'm about 90% pleased with him.  He's not perfect, he's got a few imperfections (don't we all).  But I think he's cute and I'll probably use him more, Logan will use him for sure. 
Where did a get a penguin.  Well I wanted to carve something, I don't have a symbol or anything that 'defines' me (at least none that I can think of, if you know of something please let me know).  So then I started thinking more about what I love.  This little penguin card sits above my desk on a clipboard.  He's lived there for years.  So long that the cardstock is faded, due to being exposed to the sun.  But I love him, he's one of my all time favorite punched guys.  I love this little penguin!  So I thought, we'll why not turn him into a stamp.  Well as you can see my drawing it not quite the same, however it's a close relative.  So then I carved. 
Things I'd like to improve on:  Accuracy of cutting.  The rubber is easy to carve.  The undefined kit comes with tools that cut through the rubber easily and quickly.  However I did notice that it's easy to get carried away, perhaps cut something you don't mean to cut.  For example, the little blade got away from me and cut a little into his beak.  I didn't even notice it until it was stamped, and it became clear.  It's not a huge issue or concern, but if I were to do him again I'd defiantly watch it a little more. 
I gave his wings and the 'black' part of the penguin a little texture on the rubber.  Mostly because I wanted some details and I wanted the beak and eyes to pop and not get lost in the rubber.  So I just used one of my carving tools and gently cut into it, just to give it some texture.  I also carved him a scarf and hat, I thought he needed it and it will be fun to dress him up.  So that's my undefined story.  He's not perfect.  I knew anything I did wouldn't be.  But it was fun, and easier than I thought it would be.  So give it a try! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Mary said...

Hi Ruth. Your little penguin is so cute. I like the way you did the texturing, and added the hat and scarf. The finished card is adorable! I know I want to try this - I have a little duck that I used as my "signature" as a kid and I thought it'd be fun to turn it into a stamp.