Thursday, August 15, 2013

Twice In One Week? WHAT???

I'm getting back into an MDS groove :)  I'm still by no means caught up on anything, nor have I made huge progress on either of my albums, my Christmas gift list or any other project I'm working on.  But I am getting 1-2 pages done a night.  I think it would go quicker if I weren't so OCD about everything.  It's weird, I'm not that way when I stamp but in MDS I turn into crazy scrapbooking lady!  Oh well I love my pages and maybe it's because I'm a little crazy :)  This page I made Tuesday night, Tuesday was the first day of school for Logan and Megan.  Logan started 2nd grade and Megan started preschool.  Megan was so excited!!!  She coudn't stop smiling, check out the little picture of her on the bottom on the left, isn't that the sweetest little smile ever!!!  I LOVED this page by Erica, so I used that for inspirataion and created this page.  I love love love it!!!!  I love mixing black and white pictures with colored ones.  It really makes a difference and changes your focal point instantly! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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