Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Hop-RIBBON!

Welcome to this month's blog hop!  If you just arrived from Michelle's blog welcome.  If this is your first stop make sure you hop all the way through, when you get back here, you've made a complete loop.  This month we're focusing on ribbon!!!!  There's a million and two things you can do with ribbon, it's the best accessory, it adds color, texture, dimension and soooo much more!  I don't have nearly enough ribbon :)  But the ribbon that I do have I store in my ribbon roll control holders.  They're the BEST!!!  Our friend Trish invented them, you'll love them check 'em out
So I debated back and forth what do I want to do with ribbon??  A fun card perhaps???  No I want to make Megan some hair clips!  So using our ribbon I made 3 different clips.  Megan loves 2 of the 3 :/  Guess I was 66% successful??  With our ribbon I made a ghost for Halloween, a flower and my favorite a hedgehog!  CUTE!!!! 
First, we'll start with the one Megan likes least.  The ghost.  Perhaps it's because she's unsure of what it is.  Dan thought is was a jellyfish (MEN!).  Maybe around Halloween she'll understand it more.  This was defiantly the easiest of the 3.  I covered the top of the ribbon with white grosgrain, then I glued (hot glue on all of these) strips of ribbon down vertically.  Added some eyes and a bow.  CUTE! 
Next is the flower.  I love this one!  Our ruffled ribbon is PERFECT for this!!!  Because it's ruffled on one side it's easy to make and sits flat!  I just looped the ribbon to make petals, again hot glue is your friend....just don't burn yourself.  The petals are glued to a small roll of Summer Starfruit ribbon, which has a pearl on top of that.  Then I covered a clip with Gumball Green ribbon and glued the flower to the clip.  LOVE it!!  The texture of the ruffles is perfect for this little flower!!!
Finally the hedgehog.  She's adorable!  I did use some retired ribbon (shhhh)  The chocolate chip grosgrain is retired.  But it's the only brown I had that would work.  This was the first one I made, and I won't lie, it took a while!  I saw a clip similar to it on Pintrest (where else!).  It looked easy enough but I didn't know how many loopy things I would need, I had to keep making them, it was never enough.  And again, hot glue was my best friend.  I started with his nose, for that I used our natural cotton ribbon, I made a cone with it and glue it together.  I colored his nose with a black permanent marker.  Then I just stared gluing the loops, I started along the back of his head, then kept making layers, and glued it to the layer prior to it.  I had pretty big hedgehog but was still unsure how to attach it to the clip.  In the end I just put a layer of hot glue and stuck it down.  It worked!!!!
Megan loves this one.  Though she likes to play with it more than wear it :/  Hmmmmm.  But it looks super duper cute in all her curls! 
Now it's time to continue on with the blog hop.  Next up is Amber!  I'm sure she'll have an inspirational project for you! 
Here's the blog hop line up in case you get lost along the way. 
Ruth Norton YOU ARE HERE!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Carmelita Wasson said...

What great projects! I can see how the ghost could be a jelly fish. Maybe you can say it's a ghost around Halloween and then a jellyfish in the summer? Thanks for sharing Ruth. You are so talented!

bckctrygrl said...

LOVE the Hedgie! I think I may need one for myself!!! Super cute!