Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flippin' For The Flip Cards!

This is another long post, grab some coffee and come back!!  Sunday I attended my sideline, Carmelita's class using the new framelit flip cards.  I really wanted to learn more about them.  There were unveiled at convention, which I couldn't attend, so I really wanted to learn more about them.  I loved the cards we made and I left with some pretty fun ideas that you'll see in the future :)  First up is this fun Christmas card. 
We cut the card down, so that when it's closed it's a 4 1/4 square.  It's such a fun size!! We embossed only the back, which adds so much texture.  Carmelita even suggested putting a picture on the back side of the circle.  A great idea for a Christmas card!
The next card I just LOVE!  Carmelita called it her 'Hawaiian Card', it's very fitting based on the colors and flowers this card has!  The label on this card is held closed with that sweet flower. 
When you pull the card open though, it opens fuller to make almost a full card, lots of room to write you message!  So so so cute!!!  
Then we made this envelope.  Carmelita had a beautiful flower with fringe in the center, it was very pretty, my fringe didn't work so well, even when I came home and played with it more it simple wouldn't come together.  So instead I 'modified' my flower slightly.  I tied a couple knots in the ribbon then stuck it down.  It's a little different but super cute!  I love the ruffled ribbon on this envelope too!!! 
Inside the envelope we made some cute, quick cards using the elements that come with the framelits.  They were so quick to make and so cute!!!  These would be perfect to stick in a lunch box! 
Finally, I think my favorite card.  Because it's pink and black and has glitter!  I love the black and white polka dots, I love the thx. Mostly though I love the DSP is one sheet. 
When you open it the DSP continues throughout the entire card, not just on the panels.  I love that!!!  The stars and arrows are so cute on this card!!!  Thanks Carmelita for letting me come to your class, I really had a great time!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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