Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hybrid Invitation

It's August!  That means only 5 months until Christmas and the Holiday Catalog goes live today!!!  If you don't have one but live in the Albuquerque area let me know I'll get you one!  Until then you can see it here.  But back to the project today.  Logan's birthday is this month.  We wanted to do a 'party' before he goes back to school.  It's just easier and it eliminates the whole 'gotta invite the entire class thing'  :)  So for his birthday we're taking Logan and a few of his friends to see the new Disney movie Planes!  Then we'll have pizza, cake and gifts after at a local pizza place.  So I made the invitations in MDS.  I knew what I wanted so it went together pretty quick.  I had them printed at Staples.  I needed them ASAP :) 
The outside has all the invite info and then you can pull the ribbon up and out slides your boarding pass.  Isn't that just TOO CUTE!!!!  I'm sure the mom's will enjoy this more than the children we're taking :)  I even found a picture of a bar code and added that on so it looks like a 'real' ticket.  Well not really, this one is MUCH cooler :)
I know there's a slight error on the boarding ticket.  I'm not sure if that got mixed up in MDS or the file got mixed up while uploading it.  Either way.  I'm not too concerned about it.  But on the boarding pass there's the flight number (it's 007 because Logan is turning 7---has nothing to do with James Bond).  There's the date, time-movie times aren't out for that day yet so it will be a plan as we go kind of thing, and the location of the theater.  Then on the bottom it's supposed to say 'Operated by Ruth and Dan Norton' it still does just a little wonky looking.  Again not sure where that got messed up, my end, Staples end, in the middle somewhere???  Who knows but it's still a super FUN invitation right!?!  I love it!!!  So break out your MDS and have some fun.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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