Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SWEET Boxes!

They're so stinkin' cute!!!!  And what's inside is oh so yummy!!!!!  They're filled with (homemade of course) fudge, chocolate truffles--which I make every year and if I do say so, they are the best ;)  This year I tried a new recipe, Christmas Crack and it's OH MY GOODNESS DELICIOUS!!!!!  SO GOOD!!!  I may regret knowing this recipe :)  Here's the recipe if you want it, BUT don't say I didn't warn you (ps it's the 2nd cookie in the post).  But anyway, you're here to see the beautiful boxes.  These boxes are for Dan's co workers on his small team at work. 
The boxes are so fast to put together.  First start with a pre made box, that's really a key step!  I used SU's Kraft Gift Boxes, they're so easy, affordable and they're the perfect size!  Next wrap DSP around the box, and on top.  Add a cute tag with some die cut ornaments and you're done!  Oh wait, tie some super cute tulle ribbon on the top! Super cute and easy!!!  Didn't I tell you it would be!!!?!  The ornaments are done with the Ornament Keepsakes set and die from the Holiday Catalog.  I used 3 for each tag, fold them in half and glue each half to another half, does that even make sense?!  Clearly by my rambling I've had too much Christmas Crack :) so I'm going to end this post while I'm still thinking clearly (well kind of clearly)   :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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