Monday, December 17, 2012

No Words.....

As much as I'd love to have a cute Christmas project to spark your creativity today, I have none.  I've found it hard to focus on stamping or anything creative all weekend, as I'm sure you have as well.  Friday I spent watching the news until I was sick to my stomach and had to turn it off.  The unspeakable tragedy in Connecticut is horrifying on so many levels.  I've spent extra time this weekend hugging each of my children, and as Logan heads off to school today he won't leave without knowing how much we love him.  Logan is unaware of what happened.  I wasn't sure how to tell him or even if, and after some research I was lead to the conclusion that he doesn't need to know.  As hard as it's been we've kept him from hearing reports or seeing news footage.  This is too much for a 6 year old to understand, at 31 I don't even understand it.  So instead of posting a project today I leave you with this quote borrowed from my friends facebook page:

This quote from William Golding (author of Lord of the Flies) is quite fitting.

 "We need more humanity, more care, more love. There are those who expect a political system to produce that; and others who expect the love to produce the system. My own faith is that the truth of the future lies between the two and we shall behave humanly and a bit humanely, stumbling along, haphazardly generous and gallant, foolishly and meanly wise until the rape of our planet is seen to be the preposterous folly that it is."
Tomorrow I'll be back with a project, today hug your kids, pray for those that lost theirs and pray that these forms of senseless violence will come to an end.

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Lauri Ingram said...

Hi Ruth, I have been a blog stalker for quite awhile and just wanted to thank you for your post today and that wonderful sums up exactly how I feel about how we all need to show humanity and bring light back into the world....thanks for sharing this!