Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wobbly Balloon

This card was so much fun to make, plus it's a movement card and I think you guys know how much I enjoy cards that move, plus it's a rainbow, PLUS it's full of glitter, I had to!  I squeeled with delight when I made this card!  I love it soooo much!!!!  The balloon was a little more time consuming than I thought it would be but that was my own fault I kept adding to it so it made the drying time multiply.  The balloon was originally white with the rainbow colors.  The white didn't look right so I cut another one out of black, but I'm getting ahead of myself......after I adhered all the colors to the back of my white balloon I thought it needed something extra so I covered every open spot (not the white cardstock, just where the color was showing through) with some of our Fine Tip Glue, this makes it shiny, then I sprinkled just a few pinches of Dazzling Diamonds glitter to the wet glue, this makes it shiny AND sparkly!  Obviously this all had to dry, I ended up leaving it overnight, it didn't take that long but you know I have tiny humans that live in my house and they demand attention too ;)  When I came back to it the next day I really hated the white, I wasn't going to start over because I loved everything else.  I cut another balloon from black cardstock and that looked better....all but the basket.  So I cut ANOTHER balloon from Crumb Cake for the basket.  After everything was attached together with more of our Fine Tip Glue Pen I was super happy with my balloon!!!!
With the addition of the black it almost looks like stained glass which is pretty darn cool!!!!  After 27 hours (not really) of work into the balloon I couldn't just stick it on a card.  I remember that I had some wobbly springs that I got from a big box craft store a long time ago.  I dug them out and added to the card on a spring.  The spring makes the balloon wiggle around.  SO. FLIPPIN'. CUTE.  With the wobbly balloon I didn't think I needed to do much else with the card so I stamped a greeting and added some sequins (obviously it's now impossible for me to make a card without sequins, I'm kind of addicted!).  This is such a fun card!  I just love it!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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