Friday, January 27, 2017

Money Shaker

While creating examples of lots of different shaker cards for my class this idea popped into my head and I loved it.....well mostly...we'll get there.  I thought how cute would a shaker card that had some cash in there be for a new graduate or maybe some newly weds??  I had to create it.  The card is really cute!  I did end up taking it apart and re-doing because originally I had the money just folded in there shaking around, which worked but you couldn't read the celebrate so I took the card apart and rolled the bill and secured it with some metallic thread.  
Since this was just an example I used a $5, I think if I were using this for a gift I used 2 or 3 bills, maybe different demoninations.  You could even put a gift card in there.  Now I do LOVE this card and love the idea....until.....I realized the card would need to be ripped apart to get the money out.  Now for me....I don't so much mind that, however during the creation of it I had some alternative ideas of some 'trap doors' that I might try and work out.  IF I get one working I'll make sure to share it and the directions here :) 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Cheryl Hamilton said...

Cute idea, Ruth! Thanks!