Thursday, January 19, 2017

Watercolor Pencil Wash

Watercolor washes are very trendy right now, I'm here to break the news to you that you don't need a bunch of paints or paint brushes to get a watercolor wash look.  I did this really pretty Melon Mambo background with nothing but a piece of watercolor cardstock, a Melon Mambo Watercolor Pencil and an aqua painter.  That's it, 3 tools.  I started on the bottom of my cardstock and colored a really heavy layer of the pencil. Then I took a really wet aqua painter, and started where it was darkest and brushed back and forth. Pulling color down the whole sheet of cardstock as I went.  Where you've colored will be darker, the more water you add and the more you pull it down the lighter it will get. 
I let it dry completely then came back in with the pencil again and colored in a few spots that I wanted more color.  And I blended it all in with the aqua painter.  Getting the right amount of pencil to water might take a little practice but this is so much fun and I love the finished result! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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