Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Foxy Friends Bookmarks

I saw these bookmarks on Pintrest posted by Stampin' Up!  I loved them and knew my 9 year old would love to make one too, he's got a little obsession with foxes.  Yesterday afternoon we sat down to work on our bookmarks.  Dis you ever have one of those days when you were all thumbs? That was me yesterday while trying to make a racoon.  Problem after problem and all stuff like I couldn't use the glue or scissors or stamp correctly....seriously I would have had better success doing it blindfolded!  There was lots of time when Logan would just sit and stare at me with a "you do this for a living?" kind of look.  Somehow, about 40 minutes later my raccoon was done and so was Logan's fox.  
They're really cut and they hook onto pages of books to hold your spot.  (FYI: This is one of Logan's books.  The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan----I think.  Logan is obsessed with ALL Rick Riordan books.  He's defiantly Logan's favorite author.)  Logan stamped his foxes eyes and nose, while I added googlie eyes to mine. 

I thought the googlie eyes would be really cute, and they are, except the poor raccoons one eye kept rolling to the back of his head.  Seriously though, that was the least of the problems with this raccoon!  He gave me all kinds of trouble!  To make the bookmarks we punched 2 of everything (head, body and tail).  Really you only need 2 heads but I wanted to make the rest of the animal a little sturdier too.  Glue the 2 body pieces together and the 2 tail pieces together.  For the head you want to glue them together but only at the top.  We put glue just in the ears and along the very top of his head.  This gives and opening to 'hook' onto your pages.  Assemble completely and it's all ready!!  Really cute!!! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ruth thank you for the mini how to on these- I have seem them also and didn't know how to make them -grand childern would all like them!

Anonymous said...

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