Monday, July 18, 2016

Tiny Treats

 I had a really fun class over the weekend, more on the cards and projects tomorrow and Wednesday!  Of course you know I love to give my guests gifts!  This month I wanted to try the Tiny Treat Boxes in the catalog.  They. Are. So. CUTE!!!!!  They're about 2x2 and they're the best!!!  Not too small but not too big.  They're so sturdy, not flimsy at all!!!  They hold chocolate perfectly-which let's face it the only selling point it really needs!  Finally at only $7.50 for 16 boxes, you're paying less than 50 cents for each one! 
There's about a bazillion and one ways you can dress up these boxes.  I went really simple with mine and just added some DSP on a couple of sides. The boxes are 2 inch cubes so I cut a 6x2 inch piece of DSP, scored it at 2 and 4 folded it and stuffed it in, filled my box with chocolate and tied some bakers twine on top.  So cute!!!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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