Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Hummingbird Problem

Over the weekend on Facebook I posted this picture and commented how for months these hummingbirds have caused so many problems, no matter what I did I couldn't get them to line up.  They were ok and I was getting better but they weren't perfect.  Some of Stampin' Up!'s layering stamp sets are meant to line up perfectly some are not. This one I wanted to line up perfectly but just couldn't figure it out....even though it's a clear stamp.  I have serious problems.  After giving up.....or so I thought.....I decided to try one more time but this time I was stamping them in a whole new way.  The result.....
PERFECT hummingbirds.  They're lined up so wonderfully.  The wings, the tail, the beak, the EYES!  Those darn eyes that would never line up in the past were lined up!!!!!  I finally did it!!! I conquered the hummingbirds!!!! I stamped a few more to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  I was so happy I stamped another, this time photographing how I did it in case these hummers have been problematic for you too. 
Once I figured out what my problem was it was easy to fix.  I had been stamping the birds in the order number printed on the stamp sheet (the plastic sheet the stamps come on in the stamp case).  Forget that!  My problem was that the last one you stamped was always the darkest color and the hardest to see through.  So instead of ending with the darkest I started with the darkest.  On the stamp sheet this stamp is listed as number 4.  Nope, do this one first!  You'll thank me later!  
Next I did the stamp labeled as number 1.  This is where it gets a little strange I'm gonna talk a lot and it probably won't make sense but hang in there I have a point.  I stamped number 1 second, though if your number 3 ink color is darker than your number 1 ink color I'd do that one second instead of this one.  Got it!  Good! Basically you're moving from darkest to lightest, however that ends up arranging on your stamps do it that way.  This is the most solid hummingbird stamp.  I stamped it in Tempting Turquoise.  You can see how clearly it's already lining up!  
Then you'll stamp your last layer, depending on your ink colors that could be number 1 or number 3 on the sheet.  Have I completely confused you yet? :) If you wanted to add some more color to his neck this is also the time where you would stamp your little neck piece.  That would be number 2 on your stamp sheet if you're keeping track.  I don't have it pictured here but I added mine with some Blushing Bride, you'll see on the finished card.  Now here's where I really loose it.  After lining it up so beautifully and so perfectly I did this......
I'm totally and completely in love with this card.  He was stamped on watercolor paper through the whole tutorial.  I added another wing, cause birds have 2 wings. Then I sprayed it with water and my color spritzer.  The colors bled a little until I heated it with my heat tool to dry it and stop the spreading.  I didn't want to wash him out completely.  The rest of the card is super super simple.  A quick embossed greeting on vellum and that was it. 
I went back in after it was dry with a Project Life pen and re drew his eyes.  If you are having trouble with this hummingbird try going darkest to lightest.  It worked for me.  Then loose your mind completely and spray him down with water.  I do love this card though!  And I'm pretty sure it's because he was stamped so perfectly :)  I'm so so so glad I finally figured this out and this hummer and I can finally be friends.  He's been torturing me for quite some time :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Janet Van Rossen said...

Thank you for this! Glad it wasn't only me having problems. I just tossed the set aside in frustration but will have another go.

Bobbi Miller said...

I have yet to follow instructions on these types of stamps. Ever since 2 step stamping came out, I've continued doing it that way..darker color first. I just got this set and haven't used it yet so I thank you for your directions. I'm sure I will need them.