Monday, May 4, 2015

More Owl Gifts

I told you I'd share these three projects today.  If you remember from Friday's post I'm sharing some of the other gifts Michelle gave out at her Owl Craft Weekend.  She shared them with me and they were way tooooooo cute not so share!!!!  Starting on the right, there's a notepad with a tiny MDS owl on it, then there's the In Color clothespins, decorated as an owl.  This theme was too cute!  Finally the stamp case on the left.  This blew my mind!!
Look how stinkin' adorable this is!!!!  When you open it, there's 2 envelopes that each hold three 3x3 cards.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!  There's also a pen, the paper clip I made, and some Project Life cards.  Does it get any cuter!!!??! 
Ready to see the card?  Michelle had help from friends and her downline to make all the 3x3 cards.  Their only directions given was, it has to be a 3x3 card and you need to use the owl punch.  There are some really cute creative creations here!!!!  From left to right is Nikkie, Cindy and Kim made the cards.  They're all so cute, but can I tell you how stinkin' cute that little man is!!!  Nikkie you're giving me a run for my Punch Princess title!
Now you may be thinking, that middle card doesn't use the owl punch...we'll you just have to open it....I laughed out loud with this one!  Logan is going to love this card!!!
Equally adorable, here's the other 3 cards.  I'm not sure who did the two on the outside, they didn't have names on them.  The graduating owl is so cute with it's little diploma!  So cute!!!  The middle one is done Cindy Cain (different Cindy then the other card-Michelle has 2 Cindy's in her downline).  I love it though!!  The books are so cute, with the Word Window Punch!  Super cute!!!!  The little birthday owl is too cute too!  The balloons are made with a circle punch and the owls feet for the bottom of the balloon.  SOOOO CUTE!!!  You ladies all did a great job!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Bobbi Miller said...

OMG!!!!! Adorable, every stinkin' one of them! And I mean "stinkin" in a GREAT way! This has to be CASE'd.... The clear case is brilliant! And that guy with the hat is too cute! WOWZERS!