Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scrapbooking Weekend Wrap Up!

If you checked my post on Friday you'll know that all weekend I was away at a scrapbooking retreat.  It was at a Hotel here in Albuquerque, so I was really only a few miles from home.  But I did get a hotel room so it felt like I was worlds away :)  It was relaxing, refreshing, and so much fun.  I met new people, there were people I knew, it was so much fun!  I only brought my laptop to MDS, next time (there WILL be a next time) I'll bring other projects I'm working on.  I had to take breaks every couple house.  Staring at a computer screen that long was killing my eyes.  Next time I'll bring other projects to work on as well.  The theme for the weekend was "Lights! Camera! Action!"  It was a fun movie theme and this is what was on my space when I arrived.  The popcorn bucket is for trash, the 'move ticket' was my door prize entry, there was a schedule and more! 
All the decorations were done on MDS.  Before we go any further, first let me say that I'm sorry about the quality of my pictures.  I need to find my book for my camera.  Somehow (some small child I assume) my setting got all messed up and I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it.  Hopefully I can locate the book........probably will have to look it up online...... and get my camera figured out.  Until then, sorry about the strange pictures. 
I have tons of MDS pages to share.  All in all it was a very productive weekend.  I went in knowing that I had to get most of my Christmas gift taken care of over the weekend.  I think I did that.  There's still a few pages that need to be done, and some editing but over all I'm very pleased with everything I did.  At the weekend, which was organized to perfection, there were scheduled make and takes.  I'm not sure how many all together but it seems like it was a few hours.  Perfect for taking a break.  I returned with so much stuff!!!  It was incredible!!!  PS pay not attention to the messy desk, just everything on top :)
Let's break it up into 3 sections. First I won one of the door prizes!   Yay!!!  She called the names like an awards show, so I got a little trophy then I got to choose a prize.   I choose a bag with some Bakers Twine and the Season of Style Washi Tape!  I've wanted that washi tape for months, but keep forgetting to put it on an order.  So I was soooo happy to see that!  Then there's the Seasonal Stripes Album, The divided page protectors and the Season of Style Journaling Tags.  That was one of our make and takes!  I'm excited to open it all up and work on it!!! 
Next up we have the Pretty Presents designer bows, which weren't a make and take but every morning when we arrived in the room there was a small present for us!  Wrapped in the silver paper is the Season of Style paper stack, the butterfly on the muslin bag was another make and take.  I LOVED this make and take.  I'll be doing another post with the butterfly bag, it's so pretty we'll explore that later.  Michelle got the idea for the m&t from this post when Kim guest blogged.  Then for another make and take, there's the Pumpkin Pie Envelope, we used the Envelope Punch Board, there's a yummy candy bar inside!!! Finally under that is the Real Red Goodie Gear kit.  Yet another project I needed!   
Can you believe how much stuff I returned home with!!!?  Well there's still a couple more things.  For another Make and Take, there's the Stamp a Tag Kit, that was given to us in the beautiful bags she made!  There's the chalk marker with some black tags, that was our table gift on Saturday morning.  And finally she gave us all a bag, thank goodness I needed something to carry this all home in!!!!  I'm already looking forward to the next one!!!  So brace yourself, there's going to be a LOT of MDS (pages from my Disney album) in the next few posts, I love the pages that I did so I'll be sharing them here!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!! 

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