Friday, November 1, 2013

Have A Slice...

...of pumpkin pie that is.  Aren't these adorable little pie boxes!?!  They're made from the Pennant die.  Who would have thought!?!  I saw them done here and LOVED them!!!!!  These would adorable favors for a Thanksgiving or fall party, you could arrange them on a festive tray.  CUTE!!!!! 
These boxes aren't huge, I was a little surprised how small they were actually, but despite their small size, they still hold quite a bit.  These boxes are filled with chocolate (what else!), but you could easily fit some fun jewelry or little toys for kids. 
I think my favorite part is the little 'whipped cream' button on top!  It really just completes the project.  You could of course modify this pattern to create cake slices.  A wedding cake would be cut for a bridal shower.  Birthday cake for party favors.  I think you get the idea :)  I have a class tomorrow, we'll be making gift card holders for Christmas.  They're cute so make sure to check back next week to see them!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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