Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Studios

Here we are at the Studios at Disney World.  The Stage 1 store in the Muppet courtyard was where I worked for about 6 months.  Twelve years later I can still sing all the songs they play :)  The picture of Megan and Logan in front of the stuffed animals was an important picture to take.  While I worked there, my fellow interns and I took lots of pictures in that same spot, we even climbed in once....shhhhh don't tell Disney :)  I did think about throwing Logan and Megan in there for a quick picture but we were already working with a grumpy Megan so that probably wouldn't have been a good idea :)
This next page is one of my favorite pages.  I love the colors, the pictures it just all works!!!  Buzz was the only character Megan wanted to meet.  She was a little worried about all the characters so she didn't get too close but she did blow buzz kisses which was toooooo cute!!!!!  Disney has lots of photo ops while waiting to meet the Toy Story gang so the kids got their pictures taken in Buzz's box, under the milk crate and strapped to the rocket just like in the movie! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the Buzz Lightyear page! So fun!!! As soon as my stolen laptop gets replaced I'm jumping back in to MDSing ... I MISS IT! ... Your Stalker