Friday, October 5, 2012

No Room For Me

My desk has been taken over with my prep for one of my favorite classes of the year.  My Christmas Card Stamp a Stack is next week.  This class is always so big that it takes me weeks (no joke) to prep.  Normally I can prep a class in just a few days but my Christmas card class is a whole different story.  I love this class though, of all my classes this one is the best value and how great do you feel when you can complete 20 cards in just a couple hours!  But the only downside (and it's really not a big deal) is that I loose about 80% of my desk space.  Yes my messy, messy desk!  So as of last night when the prep took over my stamping mat I'm unable to stamp!  Not really I'll find a way :)  But anyway you didn't come here to hear me ramble on about my desk, you came to hear me ramble on about my projects!
Isn't this little can cute!?!  Here's the story on these little cans.  A few months ago at our demo meeting, my friend Mindy (who is moving and I'm so sad about) demoed these little cans.  Now I've seen them before I've even made some in the past.  But sometime you just need to be reminded of all those wonderful projects.  So she did that. I went out and bought a case full of little canned peaches and fruit for Logan and Megan.  We've been enjoying the fruit and I've been saving the cans.  Thinking I'll use them in a class someday.  Well about a month ago we decided to throw my Dad a surprise birthday party next week (don't worry I'm pretty sure my Dad doesn't check my blog).  The party favors are being made by yep me!  So I had plans for these cute little boxes with cupcakes on them and they were going to be super cute.  Then I got the number of how many favors I will need to make and quickly needed a plan B, knowing that I would not have time in a week to get the boxes done.  So the cans to the rescue!!!!  They're easy, fun and probably fit in better for a 'man's party' then my cute little boxes :)  So I wrapped each can in the Comfort Cafe DSP, wrapped it with ribbon and added some tags, that say sweet treat, just for you and thank you.  These cans are super simple to make the only thing you really need is a smooth edge can opener.  You open the cans from the bottom, and the smooth edge opener takes off the whole bottom part.  Fill it with you treats then use crystal effects to glue the bottom back on.  So fun right!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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