Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Mini Envelope Photo Album

Hello! Well it's Tuesday. Hope you had a good Monday. I'm busily trying to get my posts all lined up for the week and into next week. We're going out of town this Friday through the weekend so I'm trying to get everything done through then so that I don't leave you guys hangin'! So today I have a quick tutorial for you.
It's really cute and a great gift for Mom's or Grandmothers. Today we'll be making a mini envelope photo album. You can actually use any size envelopes for this but the mini ones that SU sells are so cute and it's the perfect size to fit in purses to have a mini brag book. I'm using 5 of the mini envelopes you can use as many or as few as you want. I've premade my photo mats. I don't have any pictures on mine yet. I might give this away as a gift so I left it blank. For the mini envelopes my mats are 3x3. 5 of those to go in the 5 envelopes. I'm using the Walk in the Park DSP from the mini.

To start making your album or brag book use 2 envelopes, with the flaps facing you-(this will be the front of the envelopes for this project) and glue the flap of one to the back of the other. There's a couple ways you can glue the flaps, you can lick them and let the glue that's already there do it's job, you can use snail, that's what I used, or for a stronger hold sticky strip works well too.

Keep gluing the envelopes together the same way, you'll end up with a line of envelopes.

Stick your photos in each envelope.

Depending on how many envelopes you use the way it gets folded may vary. Here's how I do it with 5 envelopes. The bottom 4 envelopes should make a M.

Fold it all together....

Add a belly band to hold it together and your done. Depending on who I give this to I will make a monogram tag for the front too.

Then when someone wants to see all your cute pictures you just pull it out of your purse. Slide the belly band off and in each envelope is a different mini scrapbook page.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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