Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Cracked Glass Technique

It's time for another Tutorial Tuesday! Can you believe it's already April 21? Geez where does the time go. It was so nice yesterday, the weather was so warm (near 80's for a high) and just so much better then Friday and Saturday when it was yucky and cold and it even snowed, yep snow in NM in April. Can you believe it? Well hopefully that was the last of the cold weather, hopefully were on our way to warm/hot weather for good, well at least through October or so. I'd much rather be hot then cold. So here we go for today's tutorial.
Today I'm showing your cracked glass tutorial. It's really fun and a nice card but it's not a super quick card, you'll have to set aside some time to do this one. Here's what you'll need though, heat tool, Glassy Glaze Embossing Powder, your stamped image and versamark, oh and a freezer.

First cover your stamped image with Versamark, all over. Then cover it with the Glassy Glaze EP.

Heat it up.

Then wait until it cools, cover it again with another layer of versamark then glassy glaze EP. If you move fast enough you can put the EP on your image while it's still hot from heating it up. I don't like to work that fast. Sometimes other parts have cooled down and you end up with an uneven layer or EP. So I like to wait a few seconds for it to cool and then do the versamark. Plus I think it adheres better too.

Repeat your versamark, EP, heat up pattern 4-5 times. I did it 5 times for this card. Once your done heating your final layer of EP, stick it in the freezer. Yep, the freezer. I know it sounds strange and you may get questions from your husband about why we're storing our stamped images in the freezer. I can here it now
"Uh, do you know you have stamped stuff in here?"
"Ok, why?"
"I'm making a card."
"In the freezer?"
But it will only be in there a couple of minutes.

So while your image is in the freezer, now's a good time to assemble the rest of your card.

Take your image out of the freezer, it will be curled and should be completely cooled off and cold. Here's the fun part. Start bending and straightening your image and it will "crack" like glass.

Glue it to your card when you have the desired amount of cracks where you want them.

Neat huh!?!

Now on a side note. I've been having some issues with my email subscriber, so I'm looking into changing subscribers, when I do I'll let you know and you'll have to resubscribe if you prefer to get my post via email. It probably won't be until at least next week, maybe longer. If anyone knows of a good reliable service, I'd love to have some recommendations.

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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