Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Home Decor Elements on your car

SU's home Decor Elements are great!! I just love them. I have bunch in my house and now on my car. The one's I'm going to show you are going on my Mom's car. She saw them on my upline Amber's car, thought they were cute and bought some for her car. So here we go.
Not many supplies needed for this one. Just your decor elements, the tool to put them on and some masking tape (optional).

First thing you do is, using your applicator tool rub on the grid side to transfer your element off the grid sheet on to the sticky sheet.

After you've done that, starting on the corner, slowly peel back making sure it all transferred. If it didn't all transfer just rub it a little more.

We used the masking tape to tape where we wanted the flowers to go. We're putting them on the back window of her car.

Once you've decided where it will go, using the applicator tool rub it to transfer it from the sticky sheet to the, in this case, the car. Then starting from the corner again. Slowly peel the sticky sheet off. Your image should be transferred to the car, if not lay the sticky sheet back over it and rub a little more.

If you're doing a 2 step decor, do that now. Here I am doing the flower.

Here's one done!

Here's the whole thing done!
That's my Mom's car, here's what I did to mine.....
I used the level one hostess flower on my car. Isn't it pretty!
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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Elizabeth said...

I have many wonderful items for home decoration!! I like your idea for car decor!! It's so beautiful and interesting stuff for car decoration!! Great tutorial!!