Monday, June 8, 2015

Watercolor Vases

I haven't done a lot of watercoloring lately but as I was re-organizing my stamp sets (after pulling all the retired ones out), I came across this one.  I haven't used it in such a long time I decided to dust it off.  I pulled out some watercolor paper and got to work. I wanted more of a 'natural' watercolor look so I didn't stamp it in stazon.  Instead I used my markers and colored directly onto the stamp and then stamped it onto the watercolor paper.  I didn't go over the original stamped lines too much, I brought in some colors from markers to add the color to my image, that way my lines stayed nice and crisp for the most part and it just looks more natural without black lines.
I stamped the full image once without the greeting, then stamped some empty vases next to it.  That's another great benefit to using the markers, you can mask what you don't want stamped.  Once the image was complety dry, I went in and added my greeting.
I wanted to share a quick picture of what it looks like when I watercolor.  There's many different ways, this is just how I prefer to do it.  I use one of my acrylic blocks and color with my markers onto it.  I put a piece of white paper (in this case it was the back of a sheet of dimensionals) under the block to see the colors better.  I use my aqua painter to pick up the colors from the block.  After I'm done just wash my block and it's good to go for stamping or watercoloring.  If you don't want to use a block you can use any smooth surface, I've also used stamp cases, window sheets, plastic packaging, etc.  If you don't want to use your makers you can also pick up the ink directly from your ink pad or for a more bold intense look you can use reinkers.  This is one of my favorite cards that I've made in a while, I love the way this card turned out!  
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Mary said...

OK, I just have to comment. You did an awesome job! It looks great.