Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Before.....

I mentioned on Facebook on Sunday that my room was about to undergo a big redo.  This room has worked for me for a long time, I've never had 'my own' furniture for my room.  I always end up with the 'left over' and hand me downs.  There's nothing wrong with that and for a long time it worked great.  But I think I've just out grown all it and it's just not functional for me anymore.  Right now I'm in the process of moving this furniture out, my new furniture will be in my house on Friday and I can 'move back in'.  I'm not getting a new desk or filing cabinet.  Those are both still working well, and I'm happy with them.  They'll need to be updated sometime, but for now they work well.  Here's the before pictures.  You'll notice I've blocked a few things out.  I'm working on a couple things that I just can't show you yet.  You'll see them soon.
This actually doesn't look so bad, but you'll see that without the organization and extra storage space, lots of stuff gets stored on the floor, in piles or boxes.  Really not great or ideal!  Oh look, more stuff you can't see ;)
This corner will undergo the biggest change.  I'm really excited to play in my new craft room.  I'm hoping it will be all done by this weekend.  I have everything out, so once the new furniture gets here, I just have to put it all in place.  Until it's done I won't have any posts, I'm hoping it will just be a day or two. I'll make sure to update if it will be longer.  I'll have big post on the during and after too.  Thanks for understanding, I'm so exctied to get a new space that will function better for me!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth, there is nothing better than to re-do our craft spaces! I used to work out of plastic boxes and my dining room table. A couple of years ago, a friend who used to work where I work, did my whole room for me. I was able to get cabinets and counters from the bank that were in storage that they didn't want (yes...saved a LOT of money there), and I put in wood floors and formica counters to match the cabinets. He built me special angled shelves to hold all my punches. Needless to say, since then I've added some items from Stamp n Storage and they are SO awesome. It's so nice to have all my ink pads right in front of me and my markers and ribbons all neat and tidy. Your room will be awesome when you're done and I can't wait to see it! BTW I love the color of your walls... are you painting too? That blue is very nice. Hugs