Thursday, June 18, 2015

Disney World Castle

A couple weeks ago the family and I were on vacation at Disney World. We had a great time and Dan's birthday was on the last day we were there. I made these cards right before we left and stuffed it in my luggage. I made two because, well, why not? I was already making one. Dan is so very anti glitter and as much as I wanted to give him the all glitter version I didn't....
These cards took me a looooooonnnnnnnnngggggg time. The castle was sketched out and drawn then cut with an exacto knife. The real accomplishment in that is that I didn't cut myself. I washi taped two pieces of white cardstock together before I started sketching and cutting. Really I just wanted a back up one in case the first one failed. Luckly the both worked out. Here's the glitter version....isn't it beautiful!!!!!! I adore this one!!! I just embossed a piece of Pacific Point in Iridecent Ice Embossing Powder to get the super sparkle!
This is the one I gave to Dan. I embossed a really thick clear embossing powder (non Stampin' Up! though many many many years ago SU used to sell a similar product called Glossy Glaze). It's super thick, the embossing powder crystals itself are really large, but you get this awesome effect with this powder. I embossed 3 layers of it. Then when it's cool you just bend the cardstock and it cracks the embossing powder, it's a very cool effect. You can probably get a similar look with the clear embossing powder but you'd have to do lots of layers of it. The final cards are pretty big, they're about 5.5x6. I didn't plan them to be that big but after all the layers and flags it just ended up that way, so I made a custom envelope with the envelope punch board.
Because the castle was a little fragile, I didn't want any part of it not sticking down. I used an excessive amount of dimensionals on each card......actually this is pretty much what most of my cards look like ;) not really........yes.......But literally every inch was stuck down. The great thing about these cards is that since I used the negative image, I still have 2 cut out castles to use on another project. NO WAY would I throw those away! I may just keep them as a stencil in case I need to make this card again :) I love these cards so much!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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