Friday, November 28, 2014

Simple Background

I love this card, it's super easy to do.  ANYONE can do it.  I wasn't sure how this card was going to come out.  I've seen lots of 'night sky' cards and I love the colors, the purples, pinks and blues.  So pretty.  I thought I'd try my own.  For this card all you need are some ink pads, sponges or sponge daubers and some white cardstoock.  That's it!  I put some washi tape along the bottom to 'mask' off the ground.  I wanted a defined line between where the sky starts and where the ground ends.  Washi tape is a great mask.  Then I started sponging on my color.  I started with my lightest color.  In this case it was Pool Party.  I started right on the line where the washi tape was and worked up.  Then I went to Melon Mambo and sponged the middle section.  Make sure you go all the way to the edge and overlap the Pool Party slightly.  This ensures there's no gaps or white space.  For the third color I used Blackberry Bliss, again all the way to the edge and overlapping the previous color.  Once the sky was to my liking I moved the washi tape to cover the sky that I just did so I could work on the ground.  For the ground I used Island Indigo and then went over that with a darker color.  I want to say Chocolate Chip but I'm not positive.  Any darker color would work, even a darker blue.  Then I peeled up all my washi tape and I was left with a gorgeous night sky background. 
The star I hand cut.  If you have a star punch you love then use that.  I wanted a more simple, long star than our 5 point star that we have, though that would work too.  I used my white gel pen to add dots or more stars in the sky.  Once your card is really, completely dry you can stamp your greeting. There's a lot of ink on there so if you do it right away the embossing powder will probably stick to the background. You could also stamp your greeting first.  The embossed greeting will resist the ink anyway.  I stamped mine after because I wasn't quite sure where this card was headed :)  But I love the final result!  Monday I'll share my last project from craft weekend!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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