Thursday, November 20, 2014

12 Weeks Til Christmas Countdown: Week 8

If you want to make a stack of really cute punch art cards this year, this is the card you should make :)  I had a completely different plan for the reindeers at craft weekend.  But when I was done building them, they were too big for my original idea so I went with something new.  All eight of Santa's reindeers and Rudolph.  This is a full set of cards.  A wonderful gift or just fun to make :) 
When people ask me about how I make multiples one of the same punch art, I tell them to do it 'assembly style'.  Meaning, do one step at a time, but do it to all of you pieces or cards.  I punch everything at one time, I sponge everything at one time, etc.  Often when I'm making lots of one thing, I'll have 'pieces' or 'parts' on Post It notes that label what everything is, for example 'reindeer heads' are all stacked on one post it note, on another labeled 'noses' will be all the noses.  That way when your sponging every piece, everything still stays separate.  Then when it's time to assemble you have everything labeled it's just about putting it together.  It really does go quickly this way. 
Here's Rudolph, he's the only one with the red nose (obviously).  All the cards are the same, I love the DSP on angles in the background, I think it really makes your eyes go straight to that super cute reindeer.  The sequins are such a fun addition too!!!
When I was trying to figure out how to make him, I searched 'reindeer punch art' on Pintrest.  I took different elements from different punch art reindeers to make my own.  He's really cute and really just made from circles and ovals.  There's a few other punches here and there, but for the most part he's circles and ovals.  I've listed all the punches below.  Have fun making him!!! 
The rest of the reindeers are all the same.  Rudolph has the Red Glimmer nose, the other 8 I used the Gold Glimmer Paper.  They're all so cute!!!  I used Crumb Cake and Chocolate Chip for the rest of them.  Here's the list of punches:  Head-1 3/4 Inch Circle, Body-2 Inch Circle, Antlers-Large Oval, Ears-Bird and Branch, Eyes-Large Oval and Word Window, Nose-Small Oval, Front Legs-Word Window, Back Feet-3/4 Inch Circle.   

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Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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