Thursday, October 23, 2014

12 Weeks Til Christmas Countdown: Week 4

Week 4!  Can you believe how quickly these weeks are flying by!!!?!  Today's card is another card I just love!  I was inspired by this card by Martha.  I loved how peaceful this card is with just the little polar bear!  I did change mine up a little though.  I really wanted to 'frame' my bear.  I don't know why but I kept thinking of this card and it always had a silver frame.  So I went with it.  I made the frame by cutting a square that was about 3.5x3.5.  Then using my paper cutter I cut another square out of the center of the square.  The smaller square is about 2.5x2.5.  So I was left with a .5 inch frame.  If you have the square framelits you can do the same thing with the framelits.  I've had a hard time convincing myself that I need the square framelits because I can cut a square, I can cut a square out of a square see where I'm stuck :)
Now we have the frame, we need the polar bear.  I fussy cut him out. I know some people don't like to fussy cut, I actually do!  Weird?  Maybe, but I enjoy it! I used some All Is Calm DSP for the background and just cut some random hills for the polar bear.  To finish the card I added a greeting and some sequins.  It's really lovely in person and I think the frame brings everything together.   

Remember to join me next week for week 5. If you've missed the past weeks click the links below.
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Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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