Monday, October 13, 2014

MDSing Mania!

It didn't occur to me that I missed posting on Friday until Saturday, late Saturday.  The kids were on fall break for Thursday and Friday, that messed with my schedule.  Dan took Friday off that really messed with my schedule.  All day Thursday I thought it was Saturday, all day Friday I thought it was see where I'm going.  All my days were mixed up and ran together.  But I did get some MDSing done over the weekend.  I'm on July of this year so the end, or at least getting caught up is in sight!!! 
I'll be attending my downline Michelle's scrapbooking weekend in November---Yay!!!!  I'd really love it if I can get all my scrapbooking done before the weekend, hee hee!  I know that sounds funny but there's so much creativity flowing through that room that I find it hard to sit at a computer.  I'd much rather have paper and ink in my hands.  The more pages I can get done now, the more paper time I have then :)
Here's a few of the pages I've gotten done, I've been doing a lot of cropping and changing objects.  None of the pages are complicated or fussy just simple, fun and tell the store that I want told.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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