Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blendabilities and Stained Glass

When this set, Gentle Peace, was released it instantly went on my must get list!  Fortunately for me I had to place one last order last week for my Stamp a Stack this weekend which meant I could add it on.  I love the stained glass look.  I don't know if it's because I grew up in a church with huge, beautiful stained glass windows or if I just love the image.  Either way I knew this was a set I had to have!  I also knew that this was a set that I would be coloring with my Blendabilities.  I won't sugar coat this, it took a long time to color, about half of Frozen :)  It took awhile because even though the image as whole is pretty large, each little piece is pretty small I colored every square, rectangle, whatever shape individually which added a lot of time.  But I wanted it to look like a real window. 
If you've ever looked at a stained glass window carefully you know that the way it's all fused together (I really don't know what you call it) makes the light come in and shine differently through each part.  I colored it the way I thought it might look in real life.  For the greeting, it needed something on the front, but the image is so big that any additions would cover up the picture that I spent half of Frozen coloring.  That's why vellum is so great!!!  I embossed the smaller greeting on vellum and wrapped it around, gluing it on the back to hold it in place.  The vellum adds the greeting but doesn't take away or cover too much of the image.  This is such a fun set!  I'll be coloring it lots more!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Kim said...

GORGEOUS!!! You nailed the stained glass look! Awesome job! ~ Your Stalker

Valli said...

So beautiful! This is the best execution I have seen of this lovely stamp! <3