Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Need Ideas

I've mentioned before that I have a lot of different notepads.  I have a class planning one (this one isn't fancy or cute, it's a legal pad that I sketch cards and ideas on).  I have notebooks that I keep lists of what I need to buy, what I want, etc.  I have a notebook specifically for scrapbook/craft weekends where I sketch projects I want to do and list all supplies so I know to pack it all.  I keep a notebook by my bed, because sometimes you have those late night ideas.  What I don't have is a small notebook that I can carry around when I'm out and about.  I drive around a lot.  The kids have to go to school and activities.  I have meetings and other errands.  So I'm out and about more than I would like.  Often while driving I have an idea, sparked by....almost anything but by the time I get home the kids have drained all energy and erased any memories of the day I've forgotten my idea(s).  So I grabbed some Project Life by Stampin' Up! cards, two pretty ones for a front and back and some journaling ones for the inside and boom, it's a custom notebook!  I used the Everyday Adventures Kit for this one. 
This is the perfect size to throw in my purse, it's about 4x3.  It sits in the bottom along with a change of clothes for Megan, because you NEVER know!  Now when I'm out and about I can jot down my ideas!  This will also work as a shopping list.  I'm always out thinking "Oh I have to remember to get _____" Then I get to the store and completely forget that super important thing I needed.  I guess this post reveals more about my horrible memory then a cute project!  Because all that inside this little notebook are journaling sheets from Project Life by Stampin' Up! I can easily add more when I need them, it's easy and quick and I don't have to think about a new notebook, just add to the existing one.  The less I have to think the better.....clearly.   :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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