Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Parade of Snowmen

First I apologize for the bright, flashy pictures.  I forgot to take a picture of these guys before they were boxed up and sent to the Winter Wonderland Scrapbook/Craft Weekend.  But they're too cute I had to share them.  Remember this snowman I made a while back?  Michelle asked if I could make them for her weekend.  I knew that the way I had made them wasn't going to work.  Adhering the boxes just wasn't the best way to attach them.  So I tried another way.  Using a craft knife I cut a small slit in the bottom (where your two pieces glue together to make the box), then I pulled the handle of the bottom box through that slit.  I tried to make the slits skinny and small so that it would be a snug fit so that the bottoms wouldn't fall off.  Because don't you hate it when your snowman's bottom falls off?!  This worked a bazillion times better than gluing the boxes together.  They're all secure and happy!
To add some character I used a black Project Life pen to draw a smile and buttons.  I added googlie eyes for the eyes and punched Christmas trees with the tree punch for his carrot nose.  To attach them I made a small hole in his face with my craft knife and rolled up the tree and stuck it though the hole.  Sounds more painful then it was :)  I promise no snowmen were harmed in the making of them.  There's no adhesive on the noses.  I could have added a little Tombow on the inside  but I didn't think it was needed.  The hats are just 1.5 squares with a 1.75 brim and a flower.  A little chevron ribbon for a scarf and they were done!  They were really adorable on my desk for a few days :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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