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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I'm pretty critical of my own work.  I'm not a perfectionist, I actually like the little imperfections in handmade stuff, but when it came to this card, I debated back and forth about even posting it.  For one, the hedgehogs are punched with some retired punches.  I'm sure that they could be made with current punches (as I look at it while typing, I see how I can do it with current punches).  Also I hate my handwriting and I hand wrote the greeting :/ Not sure I love it.  But in the end I decided to share it, because it is a super cute idea (not my own, inspired by a card on Pintrest).  Punch art animals are my favorite to do!  I love it even more when there's a fun 'pun' to go along with it.  So whenever I see a card or fun pun on Pintrest (whether is a Stampin' Up! card, printed, or whatever) I always pin it.  I can always do it with punches later :)  That's exactly what happened here. 
The hedgehogs are made with the old Blossom Builder Punch.  Their bodies are one of the larger petals and their feet are a smaller petal.  The rest of the hedgehog (are they quills like on porcupines?  Are they soft? I've never held a hedgehog so I'm not sure) is done with the Blossom Punch. I just cut each petal and trimmed them to look like the spins? quills? fur?  You get the idea.  I wish I could take credit for this little hedgehog but I was inspired by this.  Thank goodness too because this was way easier than how I would have done it!  My ideas are usually far more complicated then they should be, I normally start with the hardest way then think of easier ways once it's done.  Strange I know :)  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US!  Can you believe it!!!!?!  Already!!!!  Tomorrow is also Week 9 of my 12 week countdown to Christmas and I still have a few more things to share from the craft weekend.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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